Parenting/Character Building

Create Connections with Life Dice


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Get your family dinner conversations rolling with Life Dice Conversation Cubes. A family game that is meaningful, quirky and fun for everyone.

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Character Building ABC Poster


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Why is A for Apple instead of Active, and B for Ball instead of Brave? Learning about character strengths is just as important as learning the ABCs, and should actually begin even earlier. Did you forget to teach your children or students to be Creative and courteous? Never fear, this colorful poster will teach children the vocabulary of virtues and remind you of what is really important.

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Virtues Affirmation Mandala Coloring Book


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A Spiritual Stress-Reducing Coloring Book for All Ages By now, everyone knows that adult coloring books are very relaxing, but have you considered... More

52 Character Coins

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The ancient Greeks knew that the secret of happiness and prosperity was the development of personal and civic virtues. In our modern pursuit of material... More

Virtues ABC Refrigerator Magnets


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Learning virtues is just as important as learning your ABCs. With this colorful set of refrigerator magnets you can teach your children both at the same time.

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  • Magnets & Poster (+$16.90)

Virtues Coloring Book for the Whole Family


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A Spiritual Stress-Reducing Coloring Book for All Ages Here is something you and your kids can do together that is relaxing, fun and educational.... More
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Character Building Growth Chart


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Here's a low-cost gift that will be treasured for years. Kids love to check to see how tall they have grown. Parents need more opportunities to talk about... More



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This deck of cards is perfect for children’s classes, games nights, and family gatherings.

It can be used to play any game that uses a standard 52-card deck, (including Euchre, Hearts, 21 and more) but its unique faces and suits teach spiritual principles and virtues while you play!


Virtue Star Stickers - set of 72


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Kids love stickers. Instead of giving them a generic "great job" or smiley face sticker, reward their good behavior with virtue-specific stars. This set has... More

Family Virtue Cards


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Deck of 52 virtues cards. Each card contains a spiritual quote, the meaning of the virtue, how to practise the virtue and an affirmation. Reminders of... More

Family Virtues Guide


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Family Virtues Guide Simple Ways to Bring Out The Best in Our Children and Ourselves One virtue per week x 52, this book provides a simple framework... More

The Secret of Emotions


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While a first glance, this book might not appear to belong on the "Parenting/Character Building" page, The Secret of Emotions is actually a very helpful guide to understanding the connection between our emotional sensations, and our experience of virtues.  Learning how to recognize the virtues in our environment through our emotional responses is a key to both emotional health and successful character building. If children can learn this at a young age, they will be light-years ahead of most adults, and will find the process of developing their virtues an enjoyable and rewarding experience.




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