Chaplain Stoles

Interfaith stoles for chaplains and choirs.

Interfaith Chaplain's Stole


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A light-weight low-cost 100% silk stole that you can wear to indicate that you are a chaplain or that you are there to offer spiritual comfort.  The nine different religious symbols in the rainbow-colored design let people know that you can serve people from any religious background.  Available in white or black.

  • white 
  • black 
White Interfaith Stole Black Interfaith Stole

Universal Silk Stole/Scarf


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Here is a beautiful way to give your choir a coordinated look that is reverent without being religious.  Whether you are in a community choir, a church choir, a peace choir, an interfaith choir, a part of the Ubuntu Choir Network, or are just someone who loves to sing, these 100% silk scarves illustrate the joy of lifting your voice to heaven.