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This deck of cards is perfect for children’s classes, games nights, and family gatherings.

It can be used to play any game that uses a standard 52-card deck, (including Euchre, Hearts, 21 and more) but its unique faces and suits teach spiritual principles and virtues while you play!

Each card of this special deck represents a principle or ideal, it also includes a number or letter that is color-coded to a unique suit that corresponds to a specific card in a regular deck.  If you look carefully, you will find something – a word, leaf, star or design element on each card to link it to the number it represents.

Most of the designs used come from our popular T-shirts, buttons & stickers, so if you fall in love with them, you can get other stuff to match.

Ace = 1 – Oneness of Humanity: “WeR1 Family”

2 = 2 – Equality: “Women & Men Like TWO Wings of one bird”

3 = 3 – Race Unity – “Unity” (Two doves and a heart)

4 = 4 – Elimination of Prejudice: “No room in my heart FOR prejudice”

5 = 5 – Universal Education : “Every Child is a Brilliant Star” (5 stars)

6 = 6 – Harmony of Religions (6 religions)

7 = 7 – Peace: “Spread the Promise of Peace” (7 leaves)

8 = 8 – Oneness of God: “The Same God Listens to Everyone’s Prayers” (8 symbols)

9 = 9 – “Unity in Diversity” (9 hearts)

10 = 10 – “World Citizen” (10 stars)

Jack = Joy

Queen = Quintessence

King = Kindness

For the suits:

Heart = Heart

Club = Hand

Spade = Will

Diamond = Head

Included FREE with each deck is a fold-out booklet that includes SEVEN fun card games, including three cooperative games.  Some are creative adaptations of old favorites, while others are completely new and unique to this deck.  See if you can guess which is which from these names:

Quazy Quintenssence, Go Teach! Cooperative Memory, Fear, The Valley of Search, Noah’s Ark, Jump for Joy!

These are professional-quality cards printed on German black-core paper, boxed and shrink-wrapped.  Buy one deck for your family, or buy in bulk for presents.