Peace Be With You Lanyard
  • Peace Be With You Lanyard

Deluxe Peace Be With You Lanyard

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Lanyards are now the standard at almost every school, hospital and corporation in the country. If you have to wear one, why not make it beautiful and inspiring?

Our new deluxe lanyards have a break-away safety clasp in the back, and a detachable clip that has its own loop of fabric to make it easy to carry.  Amazingly, they are also less expensive, with lower individual and bulk pricing.  Now you can afford to give them to all of your professional friends.

These durable lanyards are printed on both sides of a soft satin fabric with the words "Peace be With You" and the symbols of six major religions.  By including many religions, they are non-denominational and universally positive, so they are appropriate in almost any work environment and a welcome gift for almost anyone.

Use them for ID badges, keys, cell phones, pens, and anything else you want to keep handy.

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