About our company

Interfaith Resources is a division of Special Ideas Inc., which is a small, family-owned company founded in 1981 for the purpose of promoting the principles of the Baha'i Faith.  One of those principles is the common foundation of all major religions.  As more and more of our products focused on supporting interfaith fellowship and understanding, we realized that we needed a second company that could serve like-minded people from all backgrounds.  

Since then, Interfaith Resources has become a major focus of our efforts.  We welcome your suggestions and recommendations.  The books we sell come from several religious publishers.  The booklets and specialty items we sell are mostly designed by us.  

While we ask individuals to pay in advance by check or credit card, we do offer schools, hospitals and other major institutions the option of submitting a purchase order to receive net 30 terms.  We do offer case and wholesale pricing for some of the items we produce ourselves, and can even customize some products for your institution or event.

We are located on a small farm in Southern Indiana.  Please allow plenty of time for shipping to the West Coast or beyond.  If you have any questions about a product, shipping costs or delivery time, don't hesitate to call 1-800-326-1197