Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing

Interfaith Prayer Book


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This is our best-selling product. Hospitals all over the country have discovered that this one interfaith prayer book meets the needs of the vast majority of the people they serve. Patients and their family who visit the hospital chapel to pray for healing and guidance will find appropriate prayers to say, no matter what their religious background. It is bulk priced so that you can afford to leave several copies out at all times.

While our Book of Comfort and Healing is an interfaith booklet that contains scripture focused specifically on health and healing, The Interfaith Prayer Book is a more general book of prayers that is organized by religion rather than by topic. It includes beliefs about prayer from the six major world religions, appropriate clip-art of Holy Places and symbols, and a diverse selection of representative prayers for each religion.

Of coruse, this booklet is not just for hospitals. Any setting in which people from different backgrounds might come to pray would benefit by having a stack of these available. Our quantity pricing makes that possible for any organization. 

This edition is designed to be purchased in bulk and given away. You get 5 booklets for $10.00 or 20 for only $30.00.  It is 5½x8½" and 52 pages long. We also offer an expanded edition that is useful as a reference book and for personal study. The new Expanded Interfaith Prayer Book, has twice the number of pages and many more religions.