Interfaith Key Lanyard

Interfaith Key Chain Lanyard


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Looking for a low-cost gift that people will use every day and that spreads a message of interfaith fellowship? These lanyard key chains are durable, useful, and bulk-priced so you can give them out freely.

Short lanyards with a carabiner at one end and a split ring at the other are the most convenient way to keep from loosing important items like keys, phones and electronic devices. Ours include the symbols for six major religions on the colorful strap. It is printed on both sides, and matches our long lanyard. 

The ring is big enough to hold a lot of keys, and the 2" carabiner is big enough to clip onto a fairly wide strap.

For just a little more, consider our long lanyard necklace with detachable clip, or the lanyard set that includes both matching lanyards with an interfaith theme.  The long lanyard helps create a sense of group identity at the beginning of an activity, and the set makes a nice thank-you gift at the end.

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