Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin

Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin


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24x30" Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin

These beautiful satin fabric pennant-style flags include the symbols for six major religions, including the Baha'i, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Jewish faiths.

They were designed for use in hospital chapels, but they are equally appropriate on the wall of your home, in your church, or anywhere you want to create a peaceful, reverent atmosphere. At 24x30" (fabric top to bottom tip) they are big enough to attract attention, but not so big they overpower a room. They have a chevron of gold fringe at the bottom, and a 2" hem at the top for putting a dowel rod through, so you can hang them anywhere. They resemble the liturgical banners hung in many churches.

White satin fabric has a beautiful sheen. It should be ironed on the reverse side using the polyester or low cotton setting before use.

Note: An earlier version of this flag came with a dowel rod and cord already attached, but it was more expensive and cost more to ship. This one is brighter, with softer fabric, and can ship anywhere easily. For the dowel rod, you can use a decorative curtain rod or a simple wooden dowel.