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52 Character Coins

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The ancient Greeks knew that the secret of happiness and prosperity was the development of personal and civic virtues. In our modern pursuit of material goods, we often forget this simple truth — that happiness comes from within; that good character is a kind of wealth that no one can take from us. 

Virtues belong to all alike, but developing them takes effort, We need to learn what they look like in action, and what they feel like when practiced, so we can make a conscious effort to develop them, rather than simply hoping they grow on their own. 

These 52 coins can help. Each coin has a virtue presented as an affirmation that reinforces the link between the virtues we experience and our emotions. There are many ways to use them. Carry one a week to meditate on; read the enclosed definitions, then research your own; carry two and meditate on the relationship between them. Ask a question and pull one out to see if it offers insight into your situation. You can also give them as gifts at workshops or use them as rewards when a child demonstrates a virtue.  If you make it your goal to give one away each week, it will encourge you to look for virtues being practiced by the people around you. This improves your ability to recognize them, and, in return, it increases your appreciation for the. Acknowledging people for the virtues they exhibit will then encourage them to practice them even more. It is a win/win/win exercise!

Each coin is 1-1/2" round and printed on both sides on polished wood. The set of all 52 virtues comes in a printed drawstring bag that is accompanied by a sheet of definitions and instructions. The whole set makes a great gift.