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We serve professionals who serve diverse populations.  Therapists, chaplains, hospice centers, funeral directors, diversity coordinators, teachers and more find support for their efforts in our books and materials.    

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Interfaith Resources is a division of Special Ideas, which has been producing inspirational materials since 1981.  Feel free to call us at 1-800-326-1197 to learn more about our products.

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Always - Interfaith Assurances That Our Loved Ones Will Be with Us Always


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Bulk-Priced for use by hospice centers and hospitals, this lovely gift book/sympathy card will comfort members of any and every religion.  Eight breathtaking images provide a tranquil backdrop for thirty-one short quotations from eight different major religions plus a dozen writers, poets and philosphers - all assuring us of the existence and beauty of the life to come.

  • 1 w/envelope (+$3.95)
  • 5 w/env (+$12.50)
  • 10 w/o env (+$20.00)
  • 25 w/env (+$50.00)
  • 50 w/o env (+$75.00)
  • 150 w/env (+$2.25)
  • 200 w/o (+$250.00)

Interfaith Chaplain's Stole


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A light-weight low-cost 100% silk stole that you can wear to indicate that you are a chaplain or that you are there to offer spiritual comfort.  The nine different religious symbols in the rainbow-colored design let people know that you can serve people from any religious background.  Available in white or black.

  • white 
  • black 
White Interfaith Stole Black Interfaith Stole

Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Give-Away edition


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Bulk-Priced for giving away in Hospital Chapels and waiting rooms, this interfaith collection of prayers and scripture will comfort patients and familes from all backgrounds.  Over 20,000 sold to scores of hospitals across the country.

Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Gift Edition


$11.95   $9.95
In stock

This gift edition of our popular interfaith collection of prayers and scripture will comfort patients and familes from all backgrounds.  With over 40,000 of the pocket edition in print, this gift edition is larger, with more pages and larger type, plus decorative borders.  It is an appropriate gift for anyone facing health issues.

Interfaith Prayer Book


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Representative prayers from each of the major religions make this a welcome addition to any chapel or interfaith gathering.

Love, Lust and the Longing for God


$16.95   $14.70
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Destined to become a classic in recovery literature, this book contains all three books in the Longing series in one volume. It includes The Secret of Emotions, 4 Tools of Emotional Healing and Longing for Love.




  • 1 for (+$14.70)
  • 6 for (+$54.00)

Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin


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 24x30" Interfaith Chapel Flag in White Satin 

These beautiful satin fabric pennant-style flags were designed for use in hospital chapels, but they are equally appropriate on the wall of your home, in your church, or anywhere you want to create a peaceful, reverent atmosphere.

Color Cloisonne Interfaith Lapel Pin


In stock

This is my favorite interfaith lapel pin. They are perfect for chaplains who need a subtle way of identifying themselves as interfaith spiritual counselors. But you don't have to be a chaplain to wear one.

These beautifully dignified conversation pieces are appropriate in the most formal settings as well as being a nice accent for more informal attire.  They are upscale yet affordable unisex gifts for family, coworkers, or member of any interfaith committees we may serve on. In addition to this cloisonne version, they come in a variety of finishes to complement any jacket, blazer or purse.